Our trainers

Bernhard Buchinger

Bernhard Buchinger is working in the Consulting Services division for many years. As such, he and his colleagues visit customers in a wide variety of industries every day, to make their machines and systems safer. He is also the contact person at PILZ Austria for all topics related to robotics, especially human-robot collaboration.

Kevin Nikolai

Kevin Nikolai is a passionate trainer and is responsible for the PILZ Academy Austria. After around a decade as an international project manager in the field of automation technology, he knows the requirements of complex mechanical engineering and supports our customers with practical tips and in-depth specialist knowledge. His motto: „Safety isn’t expensive – it’s priceless!“

Julia Nadler is group leader of the „System Integration“ department. Thanks to many years of project experience with a wide variety of control and visualization systems, she is the ideal lecturer for product training courses on the automation system PSS4000. The practice-oriented transfer of knowledge is a personal concern of her.

Gerhard Stockhammer

Gerhard Stockhammer is Business Development Manager and one of the longest-serving employees. Due to international experience in the industry, he has many years of practice in the field of safety. One of his particular concerns is to motivate people to see safety not just as a legal requirement, but as an imperative of human and economic reason.

Gerhard Moser

Gerhard Moser is our specialist in the field of „System Integration“ With his team, he is closely involved in projects for the implementation of safe systems – so he can help as a lecturer on the topics „safe programming“ and „functional safety management“ according to EN ISO 13849-1/2 with valuable practical tips.

Rene Tresek

Rene Tresek works in the „System Integration“ department. His areas of activity include both, software engineering and the integration of projects for customers. Extensive experience in the implementation of safety-related
concepts, help to pass on this extensive knowledge as a lecturer at the safety workshops.

Hannes Hofer

Hannes Hofer is automation technician and works in the Linz office in the areas of „Consulting“ and „System Integration“. Through this cross-departmental activity, he knows the requirements from the standards and how these can be implemented in practice. As a lecturer, he passes on his knowledge in the „Safe Drive Technology“ and „CECE“ seminars.